“You have assisted me greatly in the development of our business systems, and without your expertise our growth would have been restricted.”

- Pierson Company
Microsoft to end support of Windows XP and Office 2003

Microsoft has announced that as of April 8, 2014 they will stop supporting Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003. 

RTC First Annual Technology Conference

Redwood Technology Consortium's North Coast Technology Conference held on March 14 2009 in Eureka, CA featured a variety of speakers.

This session, "The Hard Shell and Soft Middle of Computer and Network Security", was presented by Mohsin Aziz of NYLEX.net

Not All Computer Backup Solutions Are Created Equal

Online backups are becoming a necessity to the modern world. Know if you have the right technology to keep those irreplaceable memories for years to come.

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NYLEX.Net is comprised of a team of technology consultants specializing in computers and information systems networks. Our experts are highly skilled in all levels of information systems networks, from trouble-shooting desktop problems to firewall configuration, security audits, and intrusion detection. As a team we hold numerous industry certifications from Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Our expertise, leading edge technologies, and project management processes offer a full range of network services and solutions to assist in the deployment and management of complex and diverse IT environments.

    This is an in depth technology audit.  We gather information about your existing computing environment and network architecture.  We also are looking for a clear understanding of your business goals and how you use technology.

    We research and evaluate emerging new technologies to find the best solution for your needs.  We summarize our research and analysis and present our set of recommendations to you for your custom network solution. We also provide you with a cost estimate for the equipment needed.

    Whether we are reconfiguring your current network structure or designing a complete new one, we handle all aspects of the process, planning, design, hardware & software purchase, consulting, project management, implementation, testing, and finally training and documentation.

    Critical to your success is ensuring that your network runs at peak performance by always being secure.  We offer several management and monitoring options to fit your needs.

  • IP PHONES FOR SMALL BUSINESS                                                     
    A new approach to Internet protection and control, for small businesses, homes, and schools. Stop Internet threats at the gate.


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