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Professional Challenge

The customer desired to cut down on travel between sites, improve communication, and maintain integrity of information and documentation across the five locations.

Data Solution

Nylex built a data center in the central location which comprised of a stack of servers which include a terminal services farm, email servers, domain controllers, backup server, and email encryption gateway. The terminal services farm allows around 300 simultaneous connections with load-balancing and fail-over features from any site. Connections for traveling users are provided by an encrypted connection over public Wi-Fi, cellular, and 3G/4G connections.

The sites are connected using the AT&T fiber optic services. This implementation provides consolidation of information into a single customer-owned data center which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime over a secured connection.

Communications System

To further reduce the need to travel and improve face to face communications, we installed a video conferencing network which includes a Polycom hi-definition video conferencing system at each location. The system allows for multi-site video conferencing, multi-site presentations, and patient-doctor interactions at a fraction of the normal cost.

We are currently in the process of implementing a Voice Over IP phone system which will further reduce the communications costs and improve telephonic interactions between individuals at all sites. In addition to the new phone system, a Microsoft Lync server will enhance users’ ability to video conference from their desks, share their computer screens, and perform one-to-one presentations.

The increased privacy and confidentiality demanded by H.I.P.P.A. is met by an onsite HP Voltage E-Mail Encryption Gateway which allows users to send and receive encrypted patient-related information at the click of a button.

Redundancy and Continuity

To prevent any possible disruption of service due to fiber cuts between the different locations, we have built a fail over site in the southernmost office. This site includes an online terminal services farm, an online email server with replication services in another location, and redundant domain controllers.

Data Security and Integrity

In addition to a live copy of data in the southernmost location, backups of all information and removable backup media is stored in a fire-safe cabinet on location. All internet traffic is monitored at the edge of the network by the Nylex Managed Security Gateway (N.M.S.G.) to protect against spam, viruses, malware, and other security threats. In addition the N.M.S.G. provides a daily report of internet usage in all offices, filters unwanted web activity, and provides secure connections for traveling users.


We continue to monitor the status of critical servers and services over a site-to-site encrypted connection between the our office and the customer’s data center. In case of a server or service failure an alert is generated and sent to a technician's mobile phone. Our full time site to site connection allows us to address service-level failures instantly. In addition, the backup system emails daily success or failure reports to our system administrators.

Services Provided

The organization has only one person as dedicated I.T. staff and we provide support for all five locations as needed. Nylex also provides virtual CIO functions which include consultation, budgeting, equipment accounting, and asset tracking. The fiber installation was performed by AT&T.