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Professional Challenge

The agency needed to connect a myriad of buildings to provide phone and data access to its employees including public safety and law enforcement agencies. The agency was further required to follow strict data security standards and practices to store, share, and transmit information pertaining to law enforcement agencies.

Data Solution

Nylex replaced the aging infrastructure based upon old T1 lines, which provided only 1.5 Mb/s of bandwidth throughput, with high speed wireless point to point connections between buildings. These links transfer information at 300 Mb/s over a secure connection to and from a building miles away. We also redesigned the network to separate law enforcement data traffic from other network and security equipment in cars and offices for the police department.

Communications System

The agency uses on-site Microsoft Exchange Servers as their email service. This allows for unlimited user and resource mailbox creation, on-site spam and malware filtering, calendar and address book sharing, public folders, and unlimited mailbox sizes. The City also utilizes the Discovery and Witness hold features to protect itself from malicious or inadvertent deletion of important emails. The agency makes use of a Voice Over IP phone system which allows remote buildings to connect their phones over wireless links to the local City Hall.

Redundancy and Continuity

The virtual machine clustering and fail over features allow the agency to continue in case of equipment or server failure without any loss of data or access.

Data Security and Integrity

The computer infrastructure and data storage and sharing polices are setup in light of the extremely stringent H.I.P.P.A., P.C.I./D.S.S. and other governmental requirements for transmission and sharing of data. In addition to the redundant servers and continuity systems a daily backup is performed onto removable media which is stored at a different location. All incoming and outgoing internet traffic is filtered and logged by the Nylex Managed Security Gateway which provides anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, attack blocking, web filtering, and secure remote-access to files and desktops.


Nylex monitors the agency's critical servers and network equipment through our monitoring system which sends alerts to a technician’s phone in case of a service or equipment failure. Our secure site-to-site connection allows us to address any problems immediately.

Services Provided

The agency has no dedicated I.T. staff and Nylex provides all I.T. support services for the entire organization. Nylex also provides virtual C.I.O. functions which include advice, budgeting, equipment accounting, and asset tracking.