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Professional Challenge

The firm desired to enhance its network and computer operations to better serve its customers, to be competitive in a highly technical field, and share an ever-increasing amount of large CAD files between their growing offices while keeping costs low and improving communication. Their previous email system was also a large concern as it suffered from frequent and unplanned outages, created unnecessary delays in email delivery between the offices, and created unnecessary complications with email service on mobile devices.

Data Solution

Nylex rebuilt the existing computer network with new HP servers with redundant hard drives, upgraded existing network equipment to new HP Gigabit switches, reorganized server roles, and migrated the email server from the cloud to an on-site Exchange email server. The primary server room for the firm was also redesigned to include proper cooling and air flow.

Since CAD files can be very large, and accessing files from outside locations was extremely slow, we reworked their file share system. Keeping CAD files in two different locations was not an option since engineers at both locations needed to collaborate on a single CAD drawing and the email system was not able to handle multi-gigabyte files. Nylex implemented distributed file systems on three servers across multiple locations to store all CAD and project files. These files are replicated between the locations over an AT&T fiber optic connection. Since the system replicates only the altered information a file changed in one location is available in others within moments.

Communications System

Network Diagram for the Engineering Firm's Project Nylex migrated the firm's email storage to an in-house email server and thus resolved unnecessary delays and outages in email communications. Nylex also implement a new Voice Over IP phone system in multiple locations which allows users to perform three digit dialing between sites and transfer calls between facilities.

Nylex also implemented the Microsoft Lync server to allow desktop to desktop video conferencing and chat features in addition to screen and application sharing to enhance collaboration between far flung users. Lync and phone features are available to all users while traveling over secured connections using the Nylex Managed Security Gateway.

Redundancy and Continuity

With replicated servers and data in multiple locations, failure at a single location does not cause loss of productivity or information for the other sites. The replicated data is available even if the connection is down and is replicated as soon as the connection comes back up.

Data Security and Integrity

In addition to a replica set of information at multiple locations, the firm performs on-site daily backups at each location as well. This provides a redundancy of live data and back-up data at every location. All internet traffic is scanned for spam, viruses, malware, spyware, and all other threats at the edge of the network at the headquarters by the N.M.S.G. This device also provides secured connections to mobile users in addition to web filtering and daily reporting of internet usage.


Nylex monitors the status of all important servers and services using a site-to-site encrypted connection and our monitoring system. In case of a server or service failure an alert is generated and sent to a technician's mobile phone. Our full time site-to-site connection allows us to address service level failures instantly. In addition the backup system notifies our engineers via email about the daily success or failure of the processes, allowing us to troubleshoot the problem before any backup data is needed.

Services Provided

The engineering firm has no dedicated I.T. staff and Nylex provides all support and monitoring services for the entire network and at all offices. Nylex also provides virtual C.I.O. functions which include advice, budgeting, equipment accounting, and asset tracking. Fiber installation was performed by AT&T.